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16th August. Over many years I have enjoyed painting using black paint. All this time so many people have questioned this. Do I have hidden problems etc. etc. To me the dark paint represents strength, stability mystery, elegance. I have the final authority over my work to do as I choose. Yes, to many people black has negative connotations but it is all in the mind of the individual. I now ‘dip’ into the colour palette but always return to my first love

16th August. A little bit of a Blog gap. However painting continues. I am now trying acrylics on canvas and will post a new section of paintings on the website. Watercolour is my first love and I enjoy the unexpected which always seems to occur in my watercolour paintings. Acrylics seems less ‘accidental’ and less open to ‘happy accidents’. However early days and I may be proved wrong.

5 August. A bit of a painting gap as I’ve been enjoying some family time. After some non painting days it means I usually struggle to find my artistic voice once again. I struggle due to lack of ideas and other times it is due to poor implementation. Sometimes I think it remarkable that I ever produce anything which pleases me.

31 July. It’s funny I have a Love Hate relationship with my art. Sometimes I love and hate the same painting as is the case with the artwork of the same name now under figurative. Things seem to emerge both from me and from the painting!!

28th July. I am working on two themes. One, as discussed, is Stones and the other is a technique I am developing of allowing something to emerge from the background. You will see this in the main picture and under Figurative.

27th July. The days are a bit cooler and my energy has returned. The more one thinks about stones and their symbolic meaning, both positive and negative, the more possibilities arise for the artist to try to capture feelings and emotions associated with these meanings. These feelings are influenced by personal experience, beliefs, and memories. I haven’t set myself an easy task but it is a challenge and something within me wants to pursue this to see what can be achieved with just paint, paper and one’s imagination.

25th July. It’s been a bit of a busy week with little painting time. I’ve achieved bits and pieces but on the whole nothing really satisfying. The problem is I keep ‘stabbing’ at it, but never give myself sufficient time to really explore the subject matter in depth. Currently my latest painting is hanging on the washing line, having been hosed down to see if I can ‘rescue’ it another day. I use 300 gram Arches NOT paper and it is does take quite rough treatment.

23rd July. One of my daily activities is swimming and apart from the health benefits, it offers me the opportunity to spend ‘me’ time with my own thoughts.  Hence I started to think about Stones and their significance. Stones have a special and symbolic meaning in many aspects of life.  They are linked to various religions and cultures. They represent survival, endurance, stability, permanence, boundaries, energy, strength, healing and much more.  For me the Stone holds a special significance linked to memory.  So my next series of paintings will try to visually explore the various concepts associated with Stones.

19th July. Friday, my favourite day of the week. I look forward to an evening in, a glass of wine with the occasional ‘ping meal’. What’s this to do with painting, absolutely nothing other than a chance to re-charge the batteries’ and ponder on my next ‘move’ art wise.

17th July. The phrase “Keep buggering on” (Churchill) comes to mind. A great guide for my artwork!

15th July. I have an American artist friend who has a ‘photographs’ section on her website, these give her inspiration for her paintings. I have often tried to gain inspiration from the physical environment, but find this does not work for me. Most of my inspiration comes from thoughts in my head, emotional responses to a situation or stimuli. I sometimes wonder what actually does go on in my head!

13th July. So I’ve posted some new ‘weather inspired’ paintings. It’s always a bit scary sharing artwork because they are so personal. It’s like sharing a bit of oneself.

12th July. Yesterday I went to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. There are around 13,000 public entries with about 700 making it through to actually being hung, so it is enormously hard to get selected. That is my one big ambition, to get selected for the Summer Exhibition. I try to go every year and I prefer some years to others. For me the 2019 exhibition was excellent and I found inspiration in several of the paintings and how they were executed, bearing in mind the subject matter and the interpretation of that subject by the artist. This morning I spent a lot of time in the studio making a big mess, enjoying myself without achieving any great success, but the ideas flow.

9th July. A great painting day, concentrating on new colour combinations. There is a little too much focus on ‘happy accidents’ rather than planned application, so I guess I need to work on that

7 July. Today felt a bit of a break through, loose, letting go of control. I am not yet ready to add images, but will do so soon

This is scary as I feel any comments should be meaningful, however I will just write what I think and see what evolves